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Anthem Blue Cross Medical Loss Ratio Rebates - Friday, June 7, 2013
Source: LISI
You may have heard through the media over the last few days that Anthem Blue Cross is one of a few small group carriers in California who have a rebate on their 2012 DMHC business. Anthem's 2012 Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) book of business ran at a 79.3% MLR. Consequently, they will be paying a $12.2M rebate to their small group customers enrolled on DMHC plans in 2012.
To make sure Anthem's small group customers understand why they're receiving rebate checks, who receives them and when the checks will be sent, they are sending pre-rebate notifications to impacted group employers and Cal-Cobra members in the near future. An enrollee report is also being created to assist in determine which enrollees are eligible for the rebate. All rebate checks and notices will be sent before August 1, 2013

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